Medical Marijuana Dispensary Independent Audit Advocates

“Medical marijuana dispensary audits, comprised of document compliance checks performed by an independent auditing entity, reduces or eliminates state regulation deficiencies and reflects your dispensary’s commitment to patient safety, self-evaluation and external review.”

Jean M. Milford

Founder & CEO, ResourceRxs

ResourceRxs Mission Statement

The mission of ResourceRxs LLC (ResourceRxs) is to assist its clients in developing solutions to healthcare administrative challenges, including providing state-specific medical marijuana dispensary audits that identify and help to correct documentation compliance deficiencies, awarding multi-year nationally-recognized dispensary accreditation, or assisting administrators in network development and contract oversight.


What is an Independent Dispensary Audit?

Proactive, independent, state-specific dispensary audits are the process of documentation validation performed by an impartial agency that elevates the integrity of your dispensary or compassionate care center, proving it meets certain documented organizational programs and service standards. Passing the ResourceRxs Independent Dispensary Audit Program (INDAP) indicates that a dispensary has achieved a high level of organizational proficiency.

ResourceRxs-INDAP dispensaries think more deeply about the role they play in the delivery of medical marijuana healthcare products and services to medical marijuana therapy patients. Through our audit, that role moves from one of simply selling a product to consumers to one focused on the overall clinical health and positive outcomes of dispensary’s patients. Our audited dispensaries gain the respect of state regulators, prescribing practitioners and third party payors, who will have confidence those dispensaries practice at a consistently higher level of safety and service.

Benefits of Independent Dispensary Audits

We Urge Dispensaries: Don’t Wait For the State!

  • Uncover potential regulation documentation deficiencies though a thorough and confidential audit;
  • Avoid fines and fees, license suspension or license revocation due to non-compliance found in a state ordered, formal audit or inspection;
  • Potentially lower premiums on liability, facility, workers compensation and other insurances;
  • Accumulate potential rebates and lower service costs from security company vendors;
  • Experience fewer serious complaints against your dispensary;
  • Enhance your dispensary’s reputation among your peers, law enforcement and regulators, prescribing practitioners, pharmacies, patients, third party insurance payors and community employers;
  • Validate your dispensary as a true healthcare partner provider that continually works to improve your products and services;
  • Improve work culture, staff relations and morale;
  • Receive proactive feedback from objective, informed, highly trained compliance experts; and
  • Increase of your dispensary’s efficiencies and accountability.