National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization (NMMAO)

National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization (NMMAO)

NMMAO, in collaboration with ResourceRxs LLC, grants three-year dispensary accreditation to medical marijuana dispensaries that meet benchmarks that far surpass state-specific regulations and requirements.

Medical marijuana dispensaries that undergo the ResourceRxs dispensary audit are given an opportunity to become National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization (NMMAO)- accredited. NMMAO- accredited dispensaries meet a higher level of competency by submitting additional documentation identified within each of 10 proprietary Accreditation Standards, going beyond their state’s documentation compliance requirements. Dispensaries that become NMMAO-accredited have proven their commitment to the health of their patients and are well positioned for potential future third party reimbursement from insurers and government payors such as Medicare and Medicaid.

The NMMAO accreditation’s Standards are based on U.S. and international retail pharmacy, OSHA, ADA, HIPAA and other federal and state regulation requirements, including industry standard operating procedures.

  • NMMAO is the nation’s first and only accreditation specifically for medical marijuana dispensaries and compassionate care centers.
  • NMMAO accreditation is performed by pharmacists and healthcare industry compliance experts and auditors.
  • NMMAO accreditation is satisfied through secure documentation file transfers and onsite visits.
  • NMMAO can assist in policy and procedure writing and quality assurance program development at an additional cost.


Ohio Administrative Code 3796:6-4-04 Revocation, suspension and termination of a medical marijuana dispensary certificate of operation or employee license. The state BOP (Board of Pharmacy) may impose any one or more sanctions on a dispensary or a dispensary employee if the board find evidence of any of the conduct set forth in rule 3796:6-4-03 of the Administrative Code including:

“…(R)evoke, suspend, restrict, limit, or refuse to grant or renew a license, including a dispensary certificate of operation; reprimand or place the license holder on probation; impose a monetary penalty, not to exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) for each finding, or forfeiture…”

Accreditation Interview

Medical PotCast host Joseph Friedman, RPh., talks with Jean Milford, MHA founder of ResourceRxs, LLC about Building Trust through Accreditation: Medical Cannabis Dispensary. Click to listen

Review Committee

ResourceRxs LLC clinical and administrative contributors and committee members

Jean M Milford, MHA
Managed Care/Pharmacy Benefit Expert
Cleveland, OH

Sarah L. McGrath, BS, ASQ
21CFR210 & 211, EudraLux Volume 4, ICH Q10 Pharmaceutical Quality Systems Expert
Boston, MA

Dina McKenna, Esq.
Healthcare Industry Expert and Inside Legal Counsel
Roseville, CA

Carole Zikowski, RpH, MBA
Clinical Pharmacist, Audit Expert and Executive Committee Member
Detroit, MI

Jeanne E. Zucker
Product Development Professional
Boston, MA

Henry Zalewski, RPh, MBA
Clinical Pharmacist / Pharmacy Operations Expert
Detroit, MI

Laura Zucker, MD, MPH
Family Practice Physician
Boston, MA